Change is imminent, so we need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected or expected (if we know).

A month ago I passed my NASM Personal Trainer Certification exam WOO HOO! As I was studying and prepping for it, I was teaching group fitness at the big box gym, Retro Fitness. In the last month, some things surfaced that didn’t feel right to me; so therefore I moved on. I honestly don’t like bashing anyone or any establishment, and prefer not to. But I will say I didn’t like how I was being treated in a couple different situations, and spoke up because everyone should be treated with respect no matter what’s going on! In other words, keep your personal crap to yourself, instead of vomitting it on others.

So let’s say I realized this place wasn’t a good fit for me.

My career goal is to become a fulltime Fitness Professional with personal training, coaching and teaching. I got me a couple interviews at a two different types of facilities, and even applied for a Personal Trainer position at a gym I currently already taught at, but got no answer (which puzzled me a bit). I even called the people I was suppose to and followed up, but nothing. It’s all good, and no need to take it personally.

So I ended up landing me a parttime position at Full Circle Fitness, a small group fitness and wellness facility who cater to those who may be a bit intimidated by the bigger facilities.

I’m psyched for this change because there is potential for a fulltime position! I not only teach small group fitness classes, focusing on functional training; but also yoga, and one on one sessions. I may even add some other classes as the opportunities open.

Now where am I going with this post? Is there a lesson/point in all of this?

Well, if you know me well, confrontation and taking action were never in my vocubulary or genetic make up. I avoided confrontation like the plague, and taking action on things that put myself out there, I would find some excuse as to why I couldn’t or worry about what others would think.

If you’re not happy with your situation, change it. Start by making one step, instead of trying to take on the whole mountain. For example, you don’t like your job, find a new one. If you don’t like the way you’re being treated in a situation or by someone, speak up. You may want to get a little coaching before hand if you’re really scared to (like I was).

Change happens, like shit. So look at the whole picture and ask, does this align with what I want for my life?

Thanks for reading oxox

(Oh and I don’t know who to give the photo credit to, but I found it on Pinterest!)

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