Virtual Fitness and Wellness Classes

Virtual Bootcamps

These sessions take place using Zoom Video Conferencing. Link will be emailed to participants when they sign up. Get a personal training session in a small group setting! The classes integrate a variety of workouts -strength training, cardio conditioning, core, and balance – to help the student reduce fitness plateaus, work smarter and have fun. Class sizes range from 5-8 to allow for the Trainer to give close attention to the students.
All new membership cycles start at the beginning of each month. Two 50-55 minute classes Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00pm; Or Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00am.  Click this link for class schedule.
*New students receive a complimentary 20 min Postural Assessment
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Alignment-based Yoga

With elements from Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa-Flow Yoga, Liz emphasizes the actions of the poses and the breath for safe, effective practice. The class begins slow and gradually builds throughout to reduce injury and increase total body awareness. Classes range from 30-55 minutes.
Types of yoga classes include Beginner series, Restorative, Gentle, Intermediate levels.
All classes are currently online in a private Facebook group.
Click here to Join. $15 a month.


BarreFlow is designed to give students of all fitness levels a challenging total body workout. While every class follows a similar flowing format, the choreography is continually changing to keep you from reaching a workout plateau. By combining aspects of yoga, pilates, barre fitness and classic strength training, BarreFlow incorporates strength, endurance and flexibility into one invigorating workout. Classes range from 30-45 minutes in length.
Types of Barreflow offered are Beginner level to help newer students get the basic foundations down until they feel more comfortable to attend a full length 45 minute class.

Barreflow Fire – a 30-minute Barreflow class that includes elements of regular Barreflow exercises but with more intensity — adding bigger and quicker movements while keeping it low impact.

Barreflow Fe (iron) – a 30-minute Barreflow class that adds light dumbbells to help tone muscle while getting a total body workout.

All classes are currently online in a private Facebook group. Click here to join. $15 a month.

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