I have said before (many times) and I’ll say it again, “I need to write in my blog more”; “I need to amp up my blog site and do emails again”.

Why do we think about doing these things and then don’t make time for them?

Especially if it’s something you enjoy and it nurtures your creativity?

For me, it fulfills my need for contribution and connection. Contributing to others brings me joy, as connecting with others.

That’s probably why I teach yoga and group fitness, as well as provide 1:1 training sessions. Since it’s brought me joy and self-improvement, I want others to experience that too.

So here I am: teaching all that I love and transitioning into a management position in the fitness industry. I’m also getting amazing support and mentorship with the process which isn’t always the case.

A year ago from this time, I created a goal that I would be a fitness professional by September of 2017. I became a full time Trainer at Full Circle Fitness NY that month, and then got promoted to Assistant Manager a few months later!

Now, I’m being prepped and primed to run the place!

I continue to offer my Virtual Coaching so I can reach more people that need help and support with their health and fitness journey.

I help and inspire other moms to gain confidence in themselves that they can change their health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you’re in the upstate New York area of Albany, join me for a class here!

If not and you want to get started or back on your health and fitness journey, I run virtual health and wellness accountability groups! Click the tab on my site that says “Start Your Journey” to get on my list and I’ll be touch 😉

Until then, more later…..

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