The one thing I hate about food is wasting it!

Sure some of it may be high cal, carb, fat etc. but I really can’t stand it when I buy food and then it gets lost in the fridge or pantry.

Now that I’m a parent of a toddler, and generally throw out food due to weird toddler-like phases of eating, I’m much MORE hyper-vigilant about the fresh foods I buy. I really take the time now to ask myself and even my husband, “are we going to do something with this?”

I know the majority of the time it’s because I forget it’s in there, it gets pushed to the back or covered by something else. So when I saw the title of this article, 12 Tips to make your groceries last longer, I got excited!

You not only learn general information about certain foods and their shelf life, but simple and easy tricks to keep them last a bit longer!

Did you know you’re not suppose to keep potatoes and onions close to each other? Seriously! READ THIS THEN!

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