I started this new 7 Day Challenge with my Coach The Spiritual Boss Lady.  It’s actually called the 7 Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge (or #7DayRAKChallege) and can sign up for free here if you like.

My reason for doing this challenge is to raise my vibration and energy. I know sounds all earthy crunchy right? But as a entrepreneur and in a service-based industry, if my vibe is low the flow of abundance will be slow, monetary and non-monetary.  I love what I do as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness/Yoga Instructor and Online Coach. I love helping people get results and love sharing my journey to help inspire and motivate others. We all have a Day 1 and I do not forget mine.

So for Day 1 of this challenge, we had to journal a few questions about a time we showed compassion for someone else, and in this act, reflect on how we made a difference in their life as well as our own.  Last night when I heard the assignment I couldn’t think of anyone, and started to judge myself immediately. Well I know I have inspired other people, but did they tell me this, and if not, I’m not going to say I did and sound like an asshole. In other words, I started judging myself. So I stopped that and went to bed trusting that something will come to me.

When I woke up the next morning, I thought of a time!

Back in 2006 while working at a Cancer office, a gentleman came in for a first appointment. I gave him the initial intake form to fill out while he waited. 10 seconds later he came back up to the desk looking stressed and distraught. He stated to me that he didn’t know how to read. I was shocked and in disbelief.  This grown man can’t read???? But instead of letting my judgments seep out of me (because I aint gonna lie I had a few!) my heart went out to him.  We were a busy office, but I looked at him and told him I would be happy to help him fill it out.

Now, he did say thank you.  But I don’t know if I changed his life. I do believe that I created some ease in his situation. I mean, shit, he was coming to have a consultation with an Oncology Doctor! I have not idea how this gentleman is doing or what his outcome was because I left that job fairly soon after that encounter.

After journaling about this, I felt a warm feeling of gratitude.  This gentleman probably got a lot of shit because he couldn’t read and for whatever reason he didn’t get to learn like the rest of us.  When we show compassion for others, we are raising our vibe because we aren’t judging others or ourselves. Hopefully, we are treating others the way we would like to be treated.

So the next time you see someone struggling, offer help.  Smile at a stranger. Hold the door open for everyone. Buy coffee for the person behind you.

Try one act of kindness a day and see what happens 🙂

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