Do you have this problem? Is it something that keeps you from starting an exercise routine or program?

I’m an early riser and get my workout done before the day even begins, let alone, before anyone wakes up! It’s ME time. Now I workout mainly from home, but I do teach at a gym and like to take classes.

When I teach early morning, I always shower so I’m fresh to teach, but then I can be a sweaty mess afterward. After that I have to go to my job, and quite frankly, I don’t want to use the time I have left to shower…again.

After reading this article, No One Will Know You Skipped Your Post-Workout Shower With These 4 Tips, I got more great insight and tips if I do run into this problem and outta time!

Come on mommas out there, you know what I mean!

Don’t let time stop you from being the healthiest and best you can be. You DO HAVE the time. You just need to MAKE the time if you want it that bad.

How bad do you want it?

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