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Liz Filippone holds certifications through NASM (personal training) AFAA (Group Fitness), BarreFlow and 500 hours in Yoga Teacher Training. She has been helping her students and clients gain the confidence they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. After having her daughter via C-Section in 2014 and gaining 45-50 lbs, Liz wanted to regain her strength and energy; and through her own fitness journey, she not only lost the weight, but gained confidence, stamina and a passion for fitness to help others through their journeys. Liz brings a holistic approach to her sessions to empower her clients and help them shift their mindset.

“Liz really knows her stuff!”

Solange C

“Liz is the best Coach I ever worked with!”

Joanne M.

"A great inspiring teacher to me! Liz is also an athlete & teaches many exercise disciplines! Seek her out! Thank you Liz for inspiring me to dive deeper onto this amazing path!🍁"

Debbie Z

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