Deep down we all want to be better. Better people. Better parents. Better at eating. Better at exercising. Better at our jobs. Better at dancing. Better at communicating. Better in bed. Better, better, better! Am I right?

So what happens when we set out to get better at something things start to fall apart half way through?
Emergencies, sickness, accidents, your job, etc. happens.

So how do we deal with it? We either pick up where we left off or just quit entirely. We may revisit it again, but sometimes those “old’ habits kick in too strong and we end up doing the same thing we always do the previous time.
It’s totally normal and okay! I’ve done it a number of times. We all have done it! I’ve signed up for opportunities, projects, etc. and when it would start to get hard or other stuff gets in the way, I would throw in the towel or make up some excuse.

So in the realm of fitness, what excuses do you have? “There’s no time”. “I’m too old”. “I have too many things to do”. There’s probably a lot more excuses, but I don’t want to flood this post with them. You get what I’m saying.
When I joined my first fitness challenge group, I really didn’t know what to expect. I just figured I’ll be doing this fitness program with other people and we’ll check in on the facebook group page everyday about our progress. There’s was a lot more to it than that.

It’s about accountability. I know some people don’t get it or don’t like that word, but quite honestly, if you want any change to happen in your life, you have to decide, ask someone do it with, or with a group. Make that person or group ask you, “Hey how’s that challenge going?” Even if you haven’t done anything, there’s no judgment. That person/group aren’t going to say, “Well that’s it then, you’re done”. They’re going to encourage you, pep you up and help you to keep moving forward.

So how does one succeed in a fitness challenge group? Here are some tips that have helped me and others I’ve shared with:

1. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS. What do you want to achieve from doing this fitness challenge? What. Is. Your. Purpose? If you’re trying to lose weight, how much and by when? Maybe there’s an outfit that you haven’t been able to fit into or feel comfortable wearing for a long time. Don’t just say I want to be thin. BE SPECIFIC. Post it somewhere where you see it everyday. TELL someone or tell the whole group. PUT IT OUT THERE to get the wheels in motion. MAKE IT REAL.

2. How are you going to measure it? If you want to lose x amount of pounds, use a scale, measurements, selfies (my new favorite measuring tool!) each week to track your progress. When we don’t have a way to see our progress, that’s when we decide to quit. Again, make it specific and measurable.

3. Prep your meals ahead of time so you don’t choose crap! Set a day of the week and give yourself a few hours to chop, cook, pack, etc. Then you’re set for the week and then repeat the process again.

4. Pick a time of the day to workout each day and COMMIT. Make it non-negotiable. Of course, things come up, but FIND this time for YOU. Tell your family the time you’re doing it so you’re not disturbed during that 30 or 60 minutes. Or have them join you! Book it in your calendar and set alarms/alerts to remind yourself that you are going to workout for you!

Now, write down all the excuses that just popped in your head. Thank each one for sharing. In the grand scheme of things, you are doing this FOR YOU so you can be a BETTER you. So now TAKE ACTION!

I run monthly fitness and nutrition challenge groups, ranging from 5-21 days. I also have an ongoing accountability group for women/mommas, who want to stay on track, get back on track and feel better. I offer motivation, tips and other helpful information to help you with your goals.

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